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As a professional, it`s important to understand the phrase “by separate agreement” and its implications in legal and business contexts.

In legal documents, “by separate agreement” is often used to indicate that certain terms or conditions have been agreed upon separately from the main agreement. This can be important in situations where certain clauses or provisions need to be tailored to specific circumstances or parties involved.

For example, in a lease agreement between a landlord and tenant, there may be a clause stating that the tenant is responsible for maintaining certain appliances. However, if the tenant negotiates with the landlord to have the landlord maintain those appliances instead, that agreement would be listed as “by separate agreement” and documented separately from the main lease agreement.

In business contexts, “by separate agreement” can be used to outline specific terms or conditions that may not be applicable to all parties involved. For example, a company may offer a standard contract to all its clients, but there may be certain provisions that only apply to certain clients based on their needs or preferences. These provisions would be outlined “by separate agreement” and added as an addendum to the standard contract.

From an SEO perspective, it`s important to understand that the use of “by separate agreement” may not necessarily be a keyword phrase that users are actively searching for. However, it is important to ensure that the use of this phrase is consistent and accurate within a document or website, as it can impact the legal validity of the agreement or contract.

In summary, “by separate agreement” is an important phrase to understand in legal and business contexts, and its use should be accurate and consistent to ensure the validity of the associated agreements or contracts. While it may not be a commonly searched keyword phrase, it is an important aspect of precision and clarity in language usage.