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When it comes to expressing agreement, the phrase “all in agreement” can start to feel repetitive and overused. However, there are plenty of alternative phrases and expressions that convey the same sentiment while keeping your writing fresh and engaging.

Here are some different ways to say “all in agreement”:

1. Consensus

Consensus refers to a general agreement or shared opinion among a group. For example, “The team reached a consensus on the new project proposal.”

2. Unanimous

Unanimous means complete agreement among all parties involved. For instance, “The board`s decision was unanimous in favor of the proposed merger.”

3. Congruent

Congruent means the same or in harmony with each other. For example, “The group`s values and beliefs were congruent with the organization`s mission statement.”

4. Aligned

Aligned refers to agreement or compatibility with a larger goal or purpose. For instance, “The team`s efforts were aligned with the company`s strategic objectives.”

5. Concurring

Concurring means agreement or approval of a statement or action. For example, “The board members were concurring in their decision to invest in new technology.”

6. Harmonious

Harmonious means in agreement or harmony with each other. For instance, “The team`s working relationship was harmonious and productive.”

7. United

United refers to agreement or solidarity, especially in times of conflict. For example, “The community came together united in their support of local businesses.”

In conclusion, when you want to convey agreement in your writing, don`t be afraid to mix things up with different expressions and phrases. Not only will it make your writing more interesting, but it will also showcase your creativity and versatility as a writer.